4171-75 MFG #: 4171-75
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Nu-Calgon Evap Foam® 4171-75 Self-Rinsing Coil Cleaner, 18 oz Can Container, Liquefied Gas, Lemon Lime, Clear

Nu-Calgon Evap Foam® Coil Cleaner, Self-Rinsing, Can, 18 oz, Liquefied Gas, Lemon Lime, Composition: 1 to 5% Butane, Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether, Ethanol, 2-Butoxy, Propane, Tetrasodium Ethylenediamine Tetra acetate, <1% Sodium MetaSilicate, Clear

Evap Foam® no rinse is a high performance, heavy duty detergent, specifically formulated with special surfactants and alkaline cleaners that have been developed into a foaming, no-rinse product. The aerosol product can be sprayed either right side up or upside down, and is ideal for use on most coils, but particularly suited for cooling or evaporator coils. Evap Foam® will liquefy dirt, grease, oil, and other residues quickly and easily. Since it is fortified with corrosion inhibitors, it is safe for use on metals and other materials. The product's fast-breaking foam is completely self-rinsing. Simply spray Evap Foam® on the coil and the foam will wash the emulsified matter off. The aerosol product is NSF registered for use as a coil cleaner in and around food processing areas, and helps leave the area deodorized with a pleasant lemon scent.

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