ARD-8 MFG #: RDS-8
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Zone Damper; Item Damper; Type Automatic, Round; Overall Size 8 Inch Diameter; Material 24 Gauge Galvanized Steel; Voltage Rating 24 Volt DC at 50/60 Hertz; Power Rating 6.5 Watt, 7 Volt Amp; Temperature Rating 0 to 150 Deg F; Pressure Rating 1 Inch WC; Includes (2) 4 Inch Wire LeadThe RDS series are galvanized steel, single blade dampers compete with a 24 Volt, spring return motor actuator. These dampers are shipped complete and ready for installation. The RDS can be installed in any position in any properly sized duct. All RDS dampers are rated for duct systems less than 1.0” W.C.
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Automatic, Round
8 Inch Diameter
24 Gauge Galvanized Steel