GASKET BUTYL 3/16inx5/8inx25ft (800)

DM440-GASKET MFG #: 440 3/16X5/8
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This product is a premium sealing tape developed for use with Ductmate?s 4 bolt duct connection systems. Ductmate 440 tape has the widest range of application temperatures (see Hardness and Force to Compress) of any material on the market ensuring a positive seal and ease of application under extreme conditions. It is non-hardening and has extremely good adhesion to galvanized, Galvalume?, aluminized metal, stainless steel and other metal surfaces. Used for Premium sealing tape for use with Ductmate?s 4 bolt duct connection systems. Also suitable for use with other rectangular flange systems which require gasket. This compound has a polymer content that is derived from butyl and a proprietary co-polymer. The plasticizers are of the Polyisobutylene and Polybutene type and permit no oxidation or migration. The fillers are inert and are used mainly as extenders and process aids and to a lesser extent as reinforcing pigments. The remaining compound consists of antioxidants and organic processing aids. 3/16? x 5/8? x 25? per roll. Other sizes available upon request. Mineral Spirits will readily facilitate the cleaning of tools and equipment

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