PANNING RETURN AIR 16inx48in (25)

TP-16X48 MFG #: TP16048
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  • Material: Aluminum

Fire Resistant Thermopan; Size 16 Inch x 47.5 Inch; Material Aluminum; Applicable Standard UL 723

A high-quality, sheet metal alternative for constructing return air ducts between joists and stud cavities. Consists of corrugated insulation faced with aluminum. Available in various widths, packed 25 to the box. Significantly reduces duct noises and labor. Requires no shop fabrication. Lightweight pre-cut THERMOPAN® comes in many sizes. Staples easily and quickly to floor joists and stud cavities, saving on labor costs and adding higher quality to the job.

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0.55 lbs
47.5" x 16" x 0.125"
UL 723