5-year Cleaning On Bosch Greenstar Boiler

As many of you know with modulating condensing boilers comes a cleaning that should happen for continued reliable operation.  Different boiler manufacturers have different requirements for frequency of cleaning.  All manufacturers want customers to have their whole boiler inspected on a regular schedule. Bosch greenstar boiler heat exchanger inspection requirements

One of the advantages of the Bosch Greenstar boiler is that it has an aluminum-magnesium-silicone alloy heat exchanger.  The aluminum alloy with silicone imbedded in it translates to less a frequent need to clean the heat exchanger than other competitors’ aluminum heat exchangers.  Bosch recommends cleaning the heat exchanger every 5 years, but service and check the boiler on a yearly basis. 

The thought of taking a part a heat exchanger to clean it can be intimidating the first time you do it, but Bosch has made it rather simple. They have a cleaning kit that supplies all the parts you would need to do 5 cleanings.  That can either be 5 different customers you use it for or sell it to the customer as five, 5-year cleanings for a total of 25 years’ worth of cleanings.

Watch the attached video for a detailed version of a 5-year cleaning of a Bosch Greenstar boiler and check out the Maintenance and Inspection excerpt for instruction.  In the video he removes the blower from the top plate, however the cleaning kit does not come with that gasket because Bosch feels you can remove the top plate and the blower as an assembly.  If you decide you need to disassemble the two pieces you should replace the gasket between the top plate and blower assembly.

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