Don’t use VFD Auto Assist!

Now that the weather has finally gotten warm we are receiving more calls on Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) that may have failed on our larger RTU’s. The replacement VFD comes with a programmable keypad. For the most part the VFD’s are programmed from the factory. However there are times when it may have to have some of the parameters set or changed in order to get the motor to run.

If and when you power up the keypad, it will ask you if you want to use “auto assist.” DO NOT USE AUTO ASSIST! If this function is used it changes many of the preset parameters. This will cause the VFD to have to be reprogrammed by a product expert, and is very time consuming.

If you are picking up a replacement VFD and need to power up the keypad, DO NOT PRESS AUTO ASSIST. If the replacement VFD does not allow the motor to run, call a member of our Customer Assurance team for further instructions before using the keypad.

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