Improving Indoor Air Quality: Filtration

Filtration is the most basic method of improving air quality in a space. Every furnace comes with even the most basic air filter. These filters are mainly designed to prevent the build-up of damaging dust in the equipment, yet low-end filters don’t do a very good job of even doing that. Filtration works by physically blocking particles from flowing through the system, and it’s crucial to have an adequate product to protect the homeowner’s investment in their equipment.

Pleated Air Filters come in a variety of sizes and MERV ratings, to fit any application. The higher the MERV rating, the more capable the filter is at filtering smaller and smaller particles. The trade off with high MERV filters is that they can clog sooner and require more frequent replacement than lower-rated filters. To filter viruses and other “biologics”, a filter with at least a MERV 13 rating is recommended. B-Y stocks pleated filters and air cleaners from Bryant, General Filters, Honeywell Home (Resideo), Pamlico Air, Purolator and Trion.

Electronic Air Cleaners work by applying an electrical charge to a grid that attracts particles like a magnet. These systems can be extremely effective at attracting and trapping particles without affecting air flow. The downside is that because they are so effective, they require more frequent maintenance. As particles are trapped on their grids, their effectiveness declines. Luckily, the grids are easily cleaned and returned to service, and not typically disposable. B-Y carries electronic air cleaners from AprilAire, Bryant and Honeywell Home (Resideo).

Costs and Financing

If you are selling a new system, selling IAQ is even easier. By including IAQ devices as part of a new system, and explaining their benefits to the homeowner, it allows you to create a Good-Better-Best option, while demonstrating to the customer that you are an expert in your field and have their comfort in mind. It also allows you to maximize your labor by installing these items during setup, and not have to return to add these items later. Finally, with many homeowners choosing to finance new HVAC systems, the small added cost to a monthly payment is minimal when compared to the improved comfort they will have in their home.

Talking points for selling improved filtration:

  • “How often do you change the filter on your furnace?”
    • Tip: Remind the home owner to replace their filter on at least the recommended interval, if not sooner.
  • “Do you or any of your family members suffer from allergies?”
    • Tip: Improving filtration in the home’s HVAC system can help reduce the amount of irritants in the air, protecting the homeowner and their family from allergens. 
  • “Do you ever feel like you are constantly dusting your furniture?”
    • Replacing existing filters regularly, or upgrading to a better filter, can reduce the amount of dust, pollen, and dander in the air.

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