Series B and Series C Connex Control Software Updates

Since the release of the newest Bryant Evolution system wall control/user interface SYSTXBBECC01-C, there have been software updates that are only available OTA (over the air) on the Series C Connex. The earlier version Connex Series B SYSTXBBECC01-B was equipped with a micro SD slot, located on the bottom of the control. This allowed a manual update by loading the software onto the 4g -16g micro SD card, inserting it into the Series B controller and following the prompts on the controller Series B controls were also WiFi capable and able to have OTA software updates, as well.

Being that the Series B controller is no longer in production, we will need to get more familiar with updating software OTA in the Series C Connex. An intriguing feature of both Series B and Series C Connex is that they do not need to be wired into the ABCD buss connections of an Evolution Fan Coil or Furnace. It is possible to connect any 24vac source to the C and D terminals, and use the control in what is known as DEMO Mode. This will power the control and allow connection to WiFi. Then with the control powered on and connected to WiFi, we will need to exercise some patience in waiting for the control to prompt in a yellow box on the display for the software update available. It may take anywhere between .5 hours – 1.5 hours to be prompted for the update. I would be advisable that if your control requires any updates to operate the equipment properly, be sure to connect it to the WiFi ahead of completing the equipment installation.

Currently, the lastest software available for the Series B controller is version 4.47 and version 1.43 for Series C controls. Visit MyEvolution // Downloads ( for the latest information regarding Evolution Connex Controls.


Contact the B-Y customer assurance team with any questions on connex control software updates.