4 Tips To Selling More Service Agreements

Closing on service agreements is key to converting and maintaining repeat customers, so here are four tips to start using today to promote and sell more service agreements.

Offer an à la carte service agreement.

Give your customer control and allow them to pay for the services they want and feel they need. If a customer only wants to sign up for an annual Fall Service Call or Spring Service Call, provide them with that opportunity. Another option is to offer the homeowner the flexibility to select an “every-other-year” agreement. The goal here is to gain repeat and continued access and sales opportunities with your customers.

Enhance your service agreements.

You can include additional services as a part of your service agreement. In addition to servicing the homeowner’s equipment, you could:

  • Check on their smoke detectors and replace batteries, if necessary.
  • Help optimize their programmable or Wi-Fi thermostats.

Sell in bulk.

By targeting home builders, realtors, and home inspectors, you can sell several service agreements at a discounted rate. This partnership will give you access to future customers, and also enhance your partner’s service offerings to your mutual customers.

Tie in a service agreement with added amenities.

  • Offer an extended warranty on labor if they sign up for a service agreement.
  • Offer improved terms on financing exclusively to those customers who sign up for a service agreement.