5 Tips To Manage Your HVAC/R Facebook Page

It’s more important than ever to have an online presence for your business. The World Wide Web is where people go for news, entertainment, and importantly for us, customer reviews and professional services information. With over 71% of online adults using Facebook, the social network is a perfect place to cultivate your reputation and grow your business.

Reputation is Everything

People rely heavily on reviews to judge whether they can trust an HVAC/R contractor. No one cares more about your brand than you do, so it is your responsibility to solicit reviews from highly satisfied customers. No one will be more willing to leave you a glowing review than a customer right after you’ve left their home with a fully functioning Furnace or Air Conditioner. Don’t be afraid to ask them to “Like” your Facebook page and to leave a complimentary review.

Engage your Customers

It’s your Facebook account, it’s your social media presence, so the onus is on you to engage your customer base. How do you do this?

  • Share articles and product reviews from the brands you trust. (Like information found on Behler-Young.com)
  • Offer promotions and discounts.
  • Share photos and videos of jobs you’ve just completed.
  • Share news about your community involvement.
  • Host contests with services rendered as prizes.

Be the Expert

Sharing articles from other sources? Read them first to make sure you’re comfortable with the content of the article representing your business.

Writing your own articles? Make sure that the information is up to date and accurate. Nothing hurts your reputation more than misleading your customer base.

Call to Action

So you’ve engaged your customers and demonstrated your expertise, now what? Tell them what action you want them to take.

  • Offering a promotion? Tell them to click on a link or provide their contact information to download a coupon.
  • Hosting a contest? Ask for contact information in exchange for a chance to win.
  • Ask your followers to refer your business to their neighbors and friends.

Link to your Website

Be sure to link to your website, not just on your main profile but within each post to increase traffic to your site and improve Search Engine Optimization. This will help new customers find your site more easily when they search for HVAC/R contractors.