Take Advantage of Up-sell Opportunities

Usually, you sell new equipment, install it, and move on. However, there are a lot of add-on items you might be missing that can easily be sold on every job and will not only increase profits but also add value for the customer.

Every computer that is in your home or office has some type of surge protector. This surge protector protects the computer from power spikes and lightning strikes. Why does every computer have one of these? Because electronics are such a large investment and we want them protected. The HVAC system in a home or office is a much larger investment, yet rarely do we consider any such protection!

Both ICM and Subco offer inexpensive surge protectors for HVAC equipment. The ICM515 Surge Protector is an economical surge protector that protects against lightning and power voltage surges on HVAC equipment. Subco’s SCMPLUS 100,000 AMP surge protector is a little more money but it comes with an equipment warranty. You wouldn’t install a computer without a surge protector why install an HVAC system without one? Check out surge protectors and related products offered by B-Y. 

Single-phase line monitors, like the ICM492, protect single-phase equipment from low and high voltage conditions, and rapid short cycling due to voltage fault or power interruption. On three-phase equipment, such as rooftop units, an ICM450 stops motor burnouts. This three-phase line monitor has a 25 fault memory LCD display. The ICM450 protects against voltage unbalance, over/under voltage, phase loss, reversal, and rapid short cycling.

The best part of the surge protectors and line monitors is that these items are easy to sell because they are going to protect your customer’s investment just like that surge protector on their PC. For you, it’s an easy way to add to your profits while adding value for your customer!